Robust and reliable steering comfort

Close collaboration with boatbuilders and shipowners has allowed Sleipner to develop robust hydraulic steering systems for the professional market. You can easily select the best-suited equipment for your boat's specific needs within a wide range of pumps, cylinders, and accessories made from marine-resistant materials.

Norsafe, an orange workboat on the water
Norsafe boat out on rescue

Power Steering

  • Constant running electro-hydraulic pump
  • Auto-stop function
  • Automatic end stop
  • Compact construction
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Sleipner produces its hydraulic cylinders for rudders and water jets in various sizes, making them adaptable to almost any boat. 

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Steering Pumps

Sleipner's steering pumps are a result of intensive R&D and many years of experience in the production of hydraulic steering systems. 

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Why Hydraulic Steering?

  • Safer and more precise control of your vessel
  • Autopilot is more efficient when the rudder, outboard engine, drive or pump-jet is controlled via hydraulics
  • An integrated non-return valve helps the rudder maintain its position without holding the steering wheel
  • Minor mechanical wear means minimal maintenance and extended product-life
  • Best alternative if you want two or more steering positions
  • Stable course with minimal use of force