Finding the right cylinder

Sleipner's hydraulic cylinders fit a wide range of installations. They are adaptable to most rudders and water jets as long as the rudder torque does not exceed what the cylinder is intended for.


To find the proper steering for boats with rudders, you must calculate the rudder torque. The calculation formula can be found under technical details in the cylinder's product information. 

Pump jets

For water jets and other types of installations, please contact a Sleipner dealer that can assist you. 

Heavy duty cylinders

Our heavy-duty cylinders are designed to deliver maximum performance and reliability for our power steering systems. Still, several cylinders are equally suitable for a traditional hydraulic steering pump. Teflon gaskets of the highest quality provide a smooth ride with minimal friction and maintain high pressure.

  • Three sets of gates allow for the installation of an optional shock valve and by-pass valve
  • It can be delivered with either a ball joint or fork attachment for the rudder arm
  • It can also be supplied with other types of strokes
  • Shock valve models are DNV and Rina certified


Standard cylinders

Sleipner's standard cylinders are of very high quality and are used in thousands of boats. The cylinders are proven and have a very long service life. 

  • Robust construction in acid-proof steel and brass
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy ventilation 
  • Supplied with attachment nipples
  • Approved by the Norwegian Veritas for Recreational Boats