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Events 2022

Sleipner exhibit and/or sponsor a variety of exclusive events throughout the year in various locations around the world. Join us at one of our upcoming events. 

Mooring yacht rope with a knotted end tied around a cleat on a wooden pier against marina view
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    22-Jan - 30-Jan
    Boot Düsseldorf
    Düsseldorf, Germany
    10-Feb - 13-Feb
    Dra til sjøs
    Straume, Norway
    04-Mar - 06-Mar
    Båt & Caravan
    Ålesund, Norway
    23-Mar - 27-Mar
    Sjøen for alle
    Lillestrøm, Norway
    01-Apr - 03-Apr
    Kabelvåg, Norway
    21-Jun - 23-Jun
    Southampton, UK
    21-Jun - 23-Jun
    Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    18-Aug - 21-Aug
    Uiva Flytande
    Helsinki, Finland
    23-Aug - 26-Aug
    Trondheim, Norway
    25-Aug - 28-Aug
    Copenhagen Boat Show
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    27-Aug - 30-Aug
    Open Yard
    Ellös, Sweden
    01-Sep - 04-Sep
    Båter i Sjøen
    Oslo, Norway
    06-Sep - 11-Sep
    Cannes Yachting Festival
    Cannes, France
    16-Sep - 25-Sep
    Southampton International Boat Show
    Southampton, UK
    22-Sep - 27-Sep
    Genoa Boat Show
    Genoa, Italy
    28-Sep - 01-Oct
    Monaco Yacht Show
    Port Hercules, Monaco
    13-Oct - 15-Oct
    DanFish International
    Ålborg, Denmark
    02-Nov - 05-Nov
    Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands
    15-Nov - 17-Nov
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    18-Nov - 21-Nov
    Boat & Fun
    Berlin, Germany