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Sleipner AC electric thruster range

AC Electric Thrusters

Based on experiences gained through years of volume production, the Sleipner AC thruster is today a very cost-efficient, high-quality product. All AC components are selected from top brand name manufacturers, ensuring the best quality and worldwide support.

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Hydraulic Thrusters

With power from 100 kg to 1400 kg and continuous operation makes a hydraulic thruster system ideal for professional boats. It is the natural choice when extensive thruster usage or long run cycles are required.

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Quality-conscious yards and naval architects choose Sleipner for performance, reliability, and unrivaled safety features. This commitment to quality has made Sleipner thrusters a natural choice onboard workboats and commercial vessels worldwide. Explore our references below.

Hydraulic or Electric?

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A hydraulic thruster system is a natural choice when extensive thruster usage or long run cycles are required or when power requirements are above the DC thruster range. Hydraulic thrusters will also be the right choice on vessels with other hydraulic consumers like stabilizers, winches, capstans, and cranes. 

AC electric thrusters cover the same performance range as hydraulic thrusters and are widely used on vessels with no need for hydraulic power for other consumers. AC thrusters are also used in combined high power systems consisting of AC and hydraulic thrusters.

AC thrusters are also perfect for hybrid or fully electric vessels. For these kinds of vessels, we deliver customized solutions powered from the high voltage main DC bus.

DC thrusters, 12V, 24V, and 48V, are traditionally the entry-level into the “world of thrusters.” DC thrusters are the right choice when the thruster is mostly used for docking and the running time is limited.


Engineered for rougher days. Documented for smooth sailing. Enjoy the comfort!

Rune Holm, Sleipner Project Engineer

Explore professional thruster systems
Whether you need a complete hydraulic thruster system or just a new remote control, you will find your professional thruster products below.

Made for Extensive Use

Sleipner professional thrusters are well-known and respected for their superior performance, functionality, and reliability. 

Sleipner has decades of experience in the thruster sector with high-volume production focusing on efficiency while maintaining the demands of quality, reliability, and safety – advantages of great value in a demanding marine market.

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Total Integration with S-Link™

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Sleipner builds the most technologically advanced, user-friendly systems in the industry. The thrusters in the hydraulic and the AC electric range are part of a total vessel control system. All Sleipner systems communicate on a shared CAN-bus-based S-link system.

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DVN-GL type approved product sticker


All Sleipner thrusters ranging from 400-1400 kg are approved and accepted as maneuvering thrusters on all vessels by the world's leading classification society for the maritime industry, DNV-GL.