A better boating experience
with Sleipner

At Sleipner, we're boaters that know what safety and comfort at sea mean - and we care passionately. That is why we spend all our time, knowledge, and experience to give boaters a better boating experience.

Smooth docking

A thruster helps you maneuver in tight marinas and control your boat in all kinds of weather. All you need to worry about when docking is getting the mooring lines ready. 

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Yacht stabilization

Stabilizers increase the number of occasions you can use your yacht. Vector Fins™ is the only top performing stabilizer system for both cruising and at anchor-use. 

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Boats and sailboat moored up in the sunset in Norway

Easy anchoring

An anchor windlass makes boating easier. With the controlled free-fall system, all you have to do is let out the anchor and focus on taking the boat smoothly to the shore.

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Steering comfort

Sleipner's hydraulic steering systems are perfectly adapted to a wide range of recreational boats. You can easily select the best-suited equipment for your boat's specific needs within a wide range of pumps, cylinders, and accessories.

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Products that you can rely on
When choosing a Sleipner product, you choose a product invented, engineered, and manufactured for boaters - by boaters. Explore our products below: