Sunbeam sailboat with Sleipner SX bow and stern thruster with hydropod low-drag cover

External thrusters

Sleipner's external thrusters are as compact as it gets, making it a perfect choice for boats with a lack of space.

Fits where other thrusters won't

Due to different inside configurations, many boats do not allow a standard thruster installation. Also, many external thruster solutions come with severe issues regarding effect and safety – if there is space enough to fit them at all.

Sleipner's external thrusters solve these issues with innovative technology use, leaving boat builders and retrofitters with only one question – what thrust power does the boat need.

If you previously could not fit a thruster, these models might offer you the perfect solution you have been missing. The optimal design adds minimal drag and will, in most installations, not be noticeable.

Greater efficiency

Due to their positioning at the outermost extremities of a hull, exterior-mounted thrusters benefit significantly from an increased leverage arm in relation to the pivot point on a boat’s hull. Their greater efficiency means they can move larger size boats by requiring nominally less power than conventional thrusters.

Shared benefits for external thrusters are longer run times, as the surrounding water naturally cools the units. They offer quick and easy installation without the need for fiberglass work.

Another benefit is that these thrusters operate remarkably quiet with their short, optimal tunnel design and submerged placement.

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SX series

The compact SX series is fitted either as a bow thruster using a hydropod cover or at the boat's stern. Available with 35 kg and 50 kg of thrust, suitable for boats up to 37 feet. 

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SX stern thrusters

The efficient stern thruster option for boats with twin stern drives. Available with 80 kg and 100 kg of thrust as standard (on-off) and PRO with variable speed control, suitable for boats up to 55 feet. 

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EX series

The pod-based EX series is a practical thruster solution for displacement and semi-planing boats up to 60 feet, independently of hull form, hull-material, propulsion and depth. 

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Why choose an external thruster?

With an external thruster, you get varied installation possibilities, making it a perfect choice for vessels where the inside configuration does not allow a standard thruster installation.


Most Sleipner external thrusters are available as PRO with variable speed control, making docking truly a one-person job. 

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