Side-Power is rebranding to Sleipner

When Sleipner changed its course towards international waters with its thrusters in the mid-'80s, Side-Power seemed like a suitable brand name. Now, almost 40 years later and a whole lot of new products later, we can look back on an adventurous journey where Side-Power has become a world leader by a good margin – still developed and produced in Norway.

From 2021 we go by the name Sleipner

Looking back on roughly 40 years of international adventures where Side-Power has remained the world-leading thruster brand makes us proud. However, now that we are making additional leading solutions such as Vector fins™ stabilizers, we have decided that the Side-Power name no longer is as logical as it once was. To ensure all our partners and customers can easily identify us and our products, we are going back to our roots and our original name, Sleipner. 

Having spent over 100 years earning a strong reputation for quality and innovation, building on our Norwegian history and personality, our unrelenting focus on being trustworthy, knowledgeable, and future-ready is stronger than ever. We sum it up in our new tagline, Ocean born. Tech bred. 



Ocean born. Tech bred.

New name, still the same

We're looking forward to making Sleipner an even bigger part of our identity. Although our logo and website will be modernized, our business model remains intact. The change has no consequences for our customers and dealers with regard to our products, spare parts, article numbers, company number, or persons of contact here with us.