Choosing the right thruster size for your boat

A suitably sized thruster system allows you to compensate for external factors such as wind and current while helping you maneuver in tight spaces, enabling safe and smooth boat docking when facing the challenges of crowded marinas.

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Truster size

Thruster power is mainly determined by a boat's design and not by its weight. Design characteristics such as the boat's total wind area, the boat's pivot point, and the tunnel's location can give you reliable insight into what size you should go for and what kind of performance you can realistically expect to achieve. Many boat builders offer thruster upgrades on request.

The general advice is to choose a thruster that can push the bow or stern against a minimum of 17.5 knots wind speed. For comparison, a powerful thruster operates in winds of 22-25 knots. The difference between the two may not appear very vast, but those two installations will give you very different user experiences. 

Guidelines for thruster tunnel installation
By increasing the tunnel diameter, the thruster is more efficient and generates less noise



Just the right amount of thrust

If you want to take the boat out by yourself, we advise to go PRO.

Our PRO thruster models are equipped with a speed control which gives you full variable control of the thruster.

Not only is the speed control more intuitive for you as a boater, but it also makes for a quieter and more relaxed maneuver. If you install a dual thruster system (bow and stern), you get the revolutionary hold-function, pinning the boat to the pier while docking. 

Easy boat docking

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