Retractable thrusters

The obvious solution for cruiser-racers or flat-bottomed boats that cannot fit a tunnel. Sleipner's retractable thrusters are designed with a focus on practical sturdiness, uncompromised safety and quick deployment.

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Retractable thrusters cause no drag

If you have a performance boat, sail, or power, and you're worried about the smallest amounts of drag, a retractable thruster is the perfect solution for you.

Sleipner's retractable thrusters work with all types of propulsion power — DC, AC, and hydraulic, and can be fitted both as bow and/or stern thruster.

Available as standard version (on/off) or PRO version with variable speed control extending from 80 kg to 300 kg of thrust. 

The retracting thrusters are generally built with the same high safety standards as all Sleipner products. Our focus on safety is a totally integral part of the product design so that everything from build quality to ease of installation is thought of to ensure long term reliability.

There are three versions of the retractable thrusters, one model design for direct mold-in, and two designed to be mounted on a flange. The flange can be a mold-in base from Sleipner, or the boat builders can manufacture their own base in materials suited for their hulls or as part of their basic hull design.


Sleipner offers three retractable models. From the left: SR designed for direct mold-in, and SRL and SRV for mounting on a flange. 

The flange mounted models have a thruster unit in a casing that will be bolted to a base. This allows for easier installation in hulls made from different materials, as well as in series production where you do not need to mix laminating and engineering type jobs.


All Sleipner retractable thrusters are available in PRO version with variable speed control, making docking truly a one-person job. 

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Quick deployment

The 185mm tunnel diameter thrusters use one fast and powerful actuator. In comparison, the 250mm and 300mm tunnel diameter models have two actuators to handle the increased forces with the same exceptionally fast deploy and retract operation time. 


The retract mechanism 

The underwater mechanism's unique design has only a few but very sturdy parts contributing to the moving assembly's stability. The unit's design makes the thruster as compact as possible while enabling the safe use of heavier motors on the more powerful units. The motors' vertical installation (SRV) reduces the impact forces on the assembly in extreme waves compared to motors fitted at an angle. 

retract SRL80 horizontal_salona380.jpeg
Tip: If height limitation is an issue on your vessel, the SRL has the market's most compact build concerning height. Pictured is an SRL80 horizontal installed on a Salone 380. Credit: Kent Marine



  • Fitted as bow and/or stern thruster
  • Quiet operation
  • Plug&Play S-Link™ two way communication control cable wiring
  • Motor assembly rigid mounted on retracting casing: no moving parts during retracting operation 
  • Compact size 
  • Reliable retracting mechanism avoids sticking 
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy-to-use control panel with status feedback from thruster
  • Available as PRO with variable speed control

The Quality Legacy

To ensure long-term reliability, our retractable thrusters incorporate all the important benefits introduced in Sleipner's original DC Tunnel Thrusters. 

The electric motors, solenoids, patented IPC control system, and mechanical parts of the propulsion system are all custom designed and built - utilizing the extensive experience gained through years of leadership in the global thruster market.