Boat slipping into tight marina

A matter of thrust.

Choosing the right thruster for your boat
A suitably sized thruster system allows you to compensate for external factors such as wind and current while helping you maneuver in tight spaces, enabling safe and smooth boat docking when facing the challenges of crowded marinas.
Sleipner range of DC electric tunnel thrusters

DC Electric Tunnel Thrusters

Our tunnel thrusters are the world's top-selling bow thruster for recreational boats. 
Can be fitted in the bow and stern.

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Sleipner external thruster with cowls fitted on stern of a boat

External Thrusters

Our external thrusters are as compact as it gets, making it a perfect choice for boats with a lack of space.

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Sleipner retractable thruster

Retractable Thrusters

The obvious solution for cruiser-racers or flat-bottomed boats. Our retractable thrusters are designed with a focus on practical sturdiness, uncompromised safety and quick deployment.

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Range of Sleipner AC electric thrusters

AC Electric Thrusters

Our AC thrusters offer the benefit of unlimited run time, enabling heavier duty usage. This is essential in situations where hydraulic systems are impractical. Each system is custom-built according to the specific working conditions and specifications.

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Sleipner hydraulic thruster range

Hydraulic Thrusters

Our hydraulic thrusters are the natural choice when extensive usage or long run cycles are required. With power from 100 kg - 1400 kg, all systems are typically sized to real-world scenarios to maximize the thrusters' performance while engines are at idle.

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Get all the details 

Boat owners worldwide choose Sleipner for performance, reliability, and unrivaled safety features. This commitment to quality has made our thruster range the industry benchmark. 

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Award winning innovation

Most electric motors in our daily lives operate at whatever speed we choose. Yet, for a long time, electric bow and stern thrusters ran at two speeds only - on and off. That changed back in 2011 when Sleipner introduced its PRO thrusters with variable speed control, which won the NMMA Innovation Award the same year. Since then, the recreational boating market has increasingly shifted to this style of control. 

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Variable Speed Control

With variable speed control, you get full proportional control of your thruster. You'll be surprised how little power is needed to initiate a spin and keep the boat rotating without engines. Not only is the speed control more intuitive for you as a boater, but it also makes for a quieter and more relaxed maneuver. 

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Ferretti yacht cruising on water with people sitting on deck

It's like having a remote-controlled boat.

Jim Davidson, Princess 61 owner