Power steering for work boats

Sleipner has collaborated with boatbuilders and shipowners and designed a robust steering system with a constant running electro-hydraulic pump and valve for connecting the autopilot and joystick. 

An adjustable auto-stop function is built into the control unit to ensure long life and high operational reliability, significantly reducing the pump and motor running time. Automatic end stops are also a vital function to reduce the load and stress on the system.

What you get: 




Robust Power Steering



  • Compact oil tank with return filter, pump, valve, and electric motor
  • Fits steering cylinder volume from 345cm³ to 1200cm³
  • No external pump is required for autopilot
  • 600W/24V electric motor with auto-stop function
  • Selectable pump of 7.0, 4.5 or 3.3 liters per minute
  • Prepared for joystick, autopilot and manual control